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I was born five days before Christmas and three days later I was brought to my dad in a stocking. I was my dad's Christmas present on December 23, 1983.

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  1. Tears And Fears

    08/09/09 04:23:41 | 0 Comments

    Any comments on this story so far would be great. Please tell me what you think of it.
  2. Tears And Fears

    08/09/09 04:19:06 | 0 Comments

    The Main Characters
    Maestro: Michael Jackson
    The Mayor: Michael Jackson
    Ghoul Mayor: Michael Jackson
    Superghoul: Michael Jackson
    Skeleton: Michael Jackson
    Michaela, daughter of the Mayor: Me
    Leonard: Leonard A. Anderson
    Kendall: Kendall Cunningham
    Pat: Pat Dade
    Dante: Mos Def
    Dale: Dale Dudeck
    Heather: Heather Ehlers
    Shawnette: Shawnette Heard
    Edwina: Edwina Moore
    Loren: Loren Randolph
    Amy: Amy Smallman
  3. Tears And Fears (Introduction)

    08/09/09 04:11:59 | 0 Comments

    Title of the story: Tears And Fears
    Author: Amber
    Status: Complete / Incomplete / In Progress: In Progress
    Characters: Maestro/Michaela (Main Characters)
    Short Introduction: Well this story is my version of Michael Jackson's Ghosts short film. What happens before they go to the Maestro's mansion, what happens when they're there and what happens after the Maestro tries to scare them. In this version the Maestro has a love interest named Michaela who just so happens...

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